Saturday, 28 April 2012

my dream house

my dream house. i have never think of if i have the money,how should my house going to be until i was told of this assignment for my foundation in ICT subject as i seems like a very far away from my financial situation.
so now, have a look at how should it look like...
1st, it should be a simple house
2nd, it is environmental friendly designed
3rd, it need no air-conditioner. but still cooling even in hot day
4th, in the night, i can see star blinking on my bed
5th, it is surrounded by green plants
oh my god... it looks like i have to live on tree house. I'm looking back for the pass where people is living on a tree right
Actually when i stuff on line, for house design, i do have some house design i like. they are:

it is a environment friendly house. it is double glass house whereby it looks some how like the house which we built for interior planting.
in actual, how the house look like for me is not a mater. but in my house i hope that it will content love, peace and harmony. with this element, even though my house is a cave, but happiness will come along with me.and with this element, a house is no more a house but it is a home whereby if i am not able to go back i will miss it, laughter do will comes out from the home....

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