Saturday, 28 April 2012

Friends and family

Friends and family they always come together. But, what do friends means? How should a family be alike? This two questions comes to my for a very long time before. Every time I get different type of answer towards it.

However, there will sure be a similar point on my definition towards friends and family. They will sure always be our side whenever we face problem, they will always advising us whenever we are going to do something which may cause trouble, they will support us on our decision if the decision is reasonable. Even though they share so much similarity, they do have differences. In every level of our life, we will have different friends; whereas, family will always the same person in every level of our life. Family are people who have close relationship with us and the relationship will never end even we had die.

Here are my friends from TARC and SAN MIN Secondary school

Here in Kirkby International College, I meet a gang of friends. We play together, share our secret together and study together.

As for family, here they are my beloved baba, mama, and sisters...

And my adopted family member...

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