Thursday, 19 April 2012

18/4/2012 sukantara

Sukantara.. it has been a year that I din't take part in it since I had done with my From 5 studies and yesterday again I involve in sukantara... The total mark I get for my team is 7 marks out of 12 marks...

There are a total of 4 games allocated included 100m, 400m, long jump and shot put. Beloow will follw with the photo takken by my friends during the sport.
Before the sport event started...

The very first event for my group is shot put. It was taken when i just done my shot put. (without my noticing...)
Since we had done our activity fast, we earn our time for a rest for a short time.
 After the short rest, we had the 100m event. but my shoes got problem the base of my shoe is falling off. I cant wear my shoe for running so i hope to run bare footed but the facilitator not allowed. So almost all the running event i wear my friend's shoe. Thank you XinYi for borrowing me her shoe...
  During long jump it is how i looked like a bare footed FISH swing to the sand bed... :P
After the long jump again my group had a short rest before the 400m event. During the 400m since it is the last event, so I really tried my best to run the fastest. Lastly, I managed to finish my 400 m in 120 minutes. still I think it is not my best result ever.During the running, I seem to be fighting with Aliff (one of my group mate) to get the first place but still I lose him.
It is what happen to me after the event. I was so tired that I take a rest while I was waiting for the bus to go back to hostel. no more staying back at college for assignment yesterday. And after I went back to hostel, I had my 10-hour-bed till today morning 6.30 wake up to get the first bus to the college. And the worse thing is that - today morning is a raining day !!! It should be the best time for me to continue my bed... :(

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