Saturday, 28 April 2012

my dream house

my dream house. i have never think of if i have the money,how should my house going to be until i was told of this assignment for my foundation in ICT subject as i seems like a very far away from my financial situation.
so now, have a look at how should it look like...
1st, it should be a simple house
2nd, it is environmental friendly designed
3rd, it need no air-conditioner. but still cooling even in hot day
4th, in the night, i can see star blinking on my bed
5th, it is surrounded by green plants
oh my god... it looks like i have to live on tree house. I'm looking back for the pass where people is living on a tree right
Actually when i stuff on line, for house design, i do have some house design i like. they are:

it is a environment friendly house. it is double glass house whereby it looks some how like the house which we built for interior planting.
in actual, how the house look like for me is not a mater. but in my house i hope that it will content love, peace and harmony. with this element, even though my house is a cave, but happiness will come along with me.and with this element, a house is no more a house but it is a home whereby if i am not able to go back i will miss it, laughter do will comes out from the home....

Friends and family

Friends and family they always come together. But, what do friends means? How should a family be alike? This two questions comes to my for a very long time before. Every time I get different type of answer towards it.

However, there will sure be a similar point on my definition towards friends and family. They will sure always be our side whenever we face problem, they will always advising us whenever we are going to do something which may cause trouble, they will support us on our decision if the decision is reasonable. Even though they share so much similarity, they do have differences. In every level of our life, we will have different friends; whereas, family will always the same person in every level of our life. Family are people who have close relationship with us and the relationship will never end even we had die.

Here are my friends from TARC and SAN MIN Secondary school

Here in Kirkby International College, I meet a gang of friends. We play together, share our secret together and study together.

As for family, here they are my beloved baba, mama, and sisters...

And my adopted family member...

Thursday, 19 April 2012

My Favorite food - Dofu Fa

My favorite food is DOFU FA in Mandarin is 豆腐花 (means : bean curd flower) / 豆腐脑 (means : bean curd brain)

The History of it is : 

Tofu is thought to have originated in ancient China during the Western Han Dynasty. Chinese people have developed and enriched the recipes for tofu dishes on the basis of their own tastes, such as mapo tofu, stinky tofu, pickled tofu and uncongealed tofu pudding, etc.
In 1535 Charles V created the recipe for soybean pudding as it is known today during the Conquest of Tunis. It was not until centuries later that his recipe was discovered by historian Stewart MacDonald, proof of the basis that Charles was the inventor.

The receipt of it :


  • 11 ounces (about 1 lb) soy beans
  • water for soaking beans
  • 7 cups water
  • edible terra alba* (about 1 teaspoon)
  • 1 tablespoon cornstarch
  • Syrup: 
  • 10 ounces sugar or brown sugar
  • 1 cup water
  • 2 pieces lemon or a little vinegar


Rinse the soybeans until the water runs clear. Put the beans in a pot and add water. (The water should be three times the amount of the soybeans).
Soak the beans until they expand to 2 or 2 1/2 times their original size.
For the syrup: Bring the sugar to a boil. Add the water and lemon or vinegar and set aside. (Note: some Cantonese recipes call for a bit of ginger; you can also add a pinch of white pepper).
  Mix 1/2 cup water with the cornstarch and terra alba and set aside.  Drain the beans and discard the soaking water. Add 6 more cups of water. Blend the soy bean and water mixture (if using a small blender you will have to do this step in batches).
   Use a gauze such as cheesecloth to squeeze out the liquid. Retain the liquid and remove the dregs (sediment) from the processed soybean/water mixture.
  Pour the liquid (soybean milk) into a pot. Add 1/2 cup water and cook on low heat until it comes to a boil and is foaming nicely.  Remove from the heat and filter out any scum, using the gauze again if necessary.
Return to the pot and bring to a boil again, adding the edible terra alba when boiling.
Turn off the heat but do not move the pot (never move the soymilk until it has jelled). Cover with a towel for about thirty minutes. Drain off any scum. Add the syrup and serve.

     *Edible terra alba is used as a food binder. Other names for edible terra alba are food-grade gypsum or food-grade calcium sulfate.
   Note: You can add other flavors like chocolate, sesame or peanut, just grind to a powder and cook with the milk or spread on top. Also, a quick and easy way to make dofu fa is simply to add soybean milk (available at Asian markets) to the edible terra alba and any toppings or syrup that you would like.
[br[  (This recipe comes courtesy of John Chen, who runs the Masterwok Recipe Archives site)   

Hope Madam Marjan will accept my work....

18/4/2012 sukantara

Sukantara.. it has been a year that I din't take part in it since I had done with my From 5 studies and yesterday again I involve in sukantara... The total mark I get for my team is 7 marks out of 12 marks...

There are a total of 4 games allocated included 100m, 400m, long jump and shot put. Beloow will follw with the photo takken by my friends during the sport.
Before the sport event started...

The very first event for my group is shot put. It was taken when i just done my shot put. (without my noticing...)
Since we had done our activity fast, we earn our time for a rest for a short time.
 After the short rest, we had the 100m event. but my shoes got problem the base of my shoe is falling off. I cant wear my shoe for running so i hope to run bare footed but the facilitator not allowed. So almost all the running event i wear my friend's shoe. Thank you XinYi for borrowing me her shoe...
  During long jump it is how i looked like a bare footed FISH swing to the sand bed... :P
After the long jump again my group had a short rest before the 400m event. During the 400m since it is the last event, so I really tried my best to run the fastest. Lastly, I managed to finish my 400 m in 120 minutes. still I think it is not my best result ever.During the running, I seem to be fighting with Aliff (one of my group mate) to get the first place but still I lose him.
It is what happen to me after the event. I was so tired that I take a rest while I was waiting for the bus to go back to hostel. no more staying back at college for assignment yesterday. And after I went back to hostel, I had my 10-hour-bed till today morning 6.30 wake up to get the first bus to the college. And the worse thing is that - today morning is a raining day !!! It should be the best time for me to continue my bed... :(

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

New blog first post

Blog a very popular terms for every teenagers. But it is almost a stranger for me as I did not practice this activity for a very long time.  I'm wondering whether will this blog like the last blog that I have before. one year update only once and at the end I forgot the password of the blog either.

After all this is a homework given by the lecturer, so may be I will be more responsible for it just for the lecturer.

Hope that I can keep my effort to write this blog...